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Featured Listings

Olive Garden on 9th
Olive Garden on 9th
Puyallup, United States
Assaggio Ristorante in Seattle
Assaggio Ristorante in Seattle
Seattle, United States
Happy Nails 98107
Happy Nails 98107
Seattle, United States
Hunan Garden Restaurant Bellevue
Hunan Garden Restaurant Bellevue
Bellevue, United States
Bleu Ginger Restaurant & Lounge
Bleu Ginger Restaurant & Lounge
Milpitas, United States

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iti Direct Mail
iti Direct Mail
Pasadena, United States
Travel agency in Bangladesh for International & Domestic Air Ticket Booking
Travel agency in Bangladesh for International & Domestic Air Ticket Booking
Dhaka, Online
AA Best Choice LLC
AA Best Choice LLC
waukesha, United States
Goa packages, Goa honeymoon packages, goa travel packages, goa holiday packages, goa tour packages,
Goa packages, Goa honeymoon packages, goa travel packages, goa holiday packages, goa tour packages,
, Online
Shed Excess of Pounds!
Shed Excess of Pounds!
newyork, United States

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Frequently Asked Questions

CLICK HERE to see detail instructions on to add your listing.

New Registration
How To Register New Account Link
1. Click the "Register" clink on the top menu
2. Fill out the registration form
3. Hit "submit", you will be sent a confirmation email
4. Go to your email and open the confirmation email from Go Maika.
5. Click on the confirmation link

Add New Listing
How To Add A New Listing
1. Once you have registered, login to your account
2. On the left column in the "options" box, click "Add Listing"
3. Fill out as much information as you can
4. Have a SMALL image to use as your listing logo
5. Click "Submit Listing" at the bottom
6. Your new listing is now pending approval from Go Maika. Once approved, your listing will show up in the directory.

Edit Existing Listing
How To Edit Your Existing Listing
1. Login to your account by clicking on the "Login Now" link at the top-right corner of the screen.
2. Click on the "Edit Listing" button.
3. Click the "Edit Existing Profile" button.
4. Make the neccessary changes.

Add Photos
How To Add Photos
Adding Photos From Stored On Your Computer:
1. Login to your account
2. Select "Edit Listing" button
3. Select "Edit Images" button at the top
4. Fill out the form and click "Add"

Adding Photos Stored On The Web: such as Flickr, photoshare, etc.

1. Login to your account
2. Select "Edit Listing" button
3. Select "Edit Listing Profile" button
4. Scroll down to images section just below the blue area
5. Enter the URLs of the images currently located on the web
6. Click "Submit" when done

Add Videos
How To Add Videos

1. To add, login to your account
2. Click "Edit Listing" button
3. Click "Edit Listing Profile" button
4. Scroll down to the video section just beneath the blue section
5. Add the URLs of the video. MAKE SURE YOU READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO FIND THE VIDEO URLs. DO NOT add the full embed codes provided by You Tube or Google Video. Only add the URLs.

Add Customer Reviews
How To Add Customer Reviews
1. In each listing, select the "Customer Reviews" tab
2. Select the "add Reviews" link
3. Enter your review by completing the form
4. Click Submit
5. Your review is now added and awaiting approval.
(Approval process is needed to eliminate illed-intended comments)

Claim Your Listing
How To Claim A Listing Currently On Go Maika Directory
If you see your business currently listed on Go Maika and would like to claim the listing,

1. Register to establish an account and obtain your username/password,
2. Find the listing you want to claim from Go Maika,
3. On the menu column to the right, select the "Claim Listing" link,
4. Fill out "Claim Listing" form.
(warning, you must be the legal owner of thelisting's business to claim. False claims shall be subject to possible legal actions.)
5. Click "Send"
6. Wait for a response from Go Maika. You will be notified once Go Maika had verified the information and the listing has been reassigned to you.

Guests Map
How To Add Guest Map
To add a map showing where guests from from, visit http://www.frappr.com, signup for an account. Once that is done, copy the map ID located on the second line of the embedded codes provided.

To see the sample of the map code, visit

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