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Made In Kitchen
Made In Kitchen  View Other Businesses Near ByNearby Businesses

Telephone: (206) 905-4216   Fax:
Address: 725 S Lane St
Seattle, Washington - United States  98104
Operation Hours:search
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"Relatively comparing with other Vietnamese restaurants in Seattle's International District, this is by far the best restaurant to take your friends and family to".

The Scene

A spacious and elegant room is divided into several smaller seating areas, accommodating dating couples, business diners and boisterous families with ease. Flickering candles, high ceilings and intense colors are a lovely backdrop for dinner, and create a welcome refuge at lunchtime. Neighborhood folks mix with tech workers and a hardworking multilingual staff for a feel that is as pan-Asian as the menu.

The Food
Contrasting textures and quality ingredients abound in every course. Fried tofu is remarkably crisp on the outside and tender inside; topped with crushed sesame and plenty of salt, the result is tastier than even the best French fries. Vegetarian dishes like spicy green beans and vegetable udon shine with plenty of flavor--heaps of garlic, shiitake mushrooms and green onion create both depth and freshness.

Hits: Staff members regularly circulate with freshly brewed pots of jasmine tea, keeping it at just the right temperature and strength.

Misses: Chicken dishes sometimes contain small, sharp bone pieces that can be difficult to identify in dim evening light.

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Visitor Comments for "Made In Kitchen"

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1) Review added by Julie (04-30-2008)
I agree with the previous reviews. This is a very nice Asian restaurants in the International District. It is very refreshing to have a nice, clean, and tasty place to take your friends, family, and acquaintances to for a good meal.

I love the high ceiling, the pleasant staff, and the decor inside.

Great job.
2) Review added by Van Tran (04-29-2008)
This by far one of the best restaurants in the International District to dine in. The interior is spacious, clean, and very beautifully decorated. The atmostphere is very relaxing and confortable. Not like most other restaurants where it is dark, tight, and uncomfortable. Made In Kitchen has plenty of natural light come in.

The food is excellent as well. I have eaten here many times and I feel it is as good as the best tasting Vietnamese restaurant in the International District. I love the hot and sour Vietnamese soup (Canh Chua)

The service is top notch. The staff are happy to work there and are happy to tend to all your needs.

This is definitely a 5 stars restaurant where you can feel confortable and happy to dine at with you friends and love one.
3) Review added by Seattle Weekly (04-29-2008)
Made in Kitchen for Dining

Tamarind Tree gets some stiff competition from Made in Kitchen, all styled up and ready to please. Square black-and-celadon plates come out from the kitchen topped with delicate tangles of green papaya salad. The lid of a clay pot comes off to unleash the fragrance of catfish in caramel sauce. Everyday dishes like imperial rolls and lemongrass-marinated chicken mix it up with special-event fare like pork "meatball treasures" stuffed with shrimp. The servers can be sluggish but never out of sorts.
4) Review added by Providence Cicero (04-29-2008)
Stylish, sigh-worthy dining in Chinatown ID at Made in Kitchen

Walk along Eighth Avenue South in the Chinatown International District and you'll notice ginkgo trees growing amid strawberry patches next to Made in Kitchen, a snazzy Asian bistro of the sort more commonly found in Belltown or Capitol Hill.

Made In Kitchen opened a year ago in one of those new retail/residential buildings that continue to spring up throughout the ID. It's a family business, owned by Winnie Che and Chris Dawn, who run it with lots of help from their relations.

The restaurant's handsome interior, its moderately priced Vietnamese menu and its warm, engaging staff effectively whet your appetite. Best of all, what you eat tastes every bit as fresh and good as it looks.

Menus at lunch and dinner look similar, though lunch is slightly cheaper, and dinner choices a little broader; both list small plates, satays and salads, noodles, soups and stir-fries, as well as combination plates. In each category you'll find meats, poultry, seafood, vegetables and tofu.

Many featured items play recurring roles. Golden Shrimp Cakes, La Lot Beef and Saigon Meatball Treasures, for example, go solo for those who want a light nibble with a little side salad. But they also star in full-blown ensembles, what the restaurant calls Kitchen Bowls (at lunch) or Kitchen Plates (at dinner) where they jostle with noodles, lettuce, bean sprouts, cucumber, basil, pickled carrot and daikon. These are hearty, meal-in-one combos, best devoured doused with nuoc nam — the indispensable Vietnamese fish sauce that conveys sweet, salty, sour and spicy flavors all at once.

The crunch of jicama is a delicious surprise inside the la lot beef, torpedoes of seasoned ground meat wrapped in betel leaves. A cache of shrimp meat is the "treasure" hidden within the Saigon meatballs musky with white pepper. Shrimp cake is soft and sweet under a golden skin, equally good whether hugging sugar cane skewers or hanging out in a noodle bowl with lemongrass pork and a plump Imperial Roll.

The Imperial Roll is stunning on its own. Stuffed with glass noodles, morsels of crab and chopped shrimp, the crisp, hot wrapper shatters like fragile pastry with each bite. Eaten the traditional way — wrapped in a lettuce leaf and sprinkled with nuoc nam — the lettuce captures the sauce and insulates your fingers.

Lemongrass pork chops are so good you'll want a whole plateful. You'll find them under "Rice Plates" at lunch, because they come with a bundle of jasmine rice topped with a fried egg. The slash of a knife sends the bright orange yolk tumbling over the white grains and into the path of three chops — fabulously fork-tender and skinny-cut — still on the bone.

Review Source: Seattle PI

For complete review, visit:http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/entertainment/2003776209_cicero060.html

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Prices: Lunch $4-$12, dinner $4-$18.

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